The Struggle

Today is a struggle.


Nothing seems to be coming easily. Can’t really think of anything to write, struggled to get up in the morning. Slow day.


Usually I write fairly easily but today nothing is flowing. I feel indecision in my mind; should I write about fitness, spirituality, growth, money….none of it seems very interesting at the moment.


Probably a result of another night of drinking too much on Saturday. Drinking too much seems to have a more disastrous effect than it used to. First of all, the hangovers seem to go on forever and seem impossible to avoid (I feel like I’ve tried everything on that score).


But more than that: they seem to dull my mind. They seem to make me slow and disinterested. I guess alcohol is a depressant after all. For quite a long time I’ve considered giving up drinking completely. I don’t drink a lot, once a week at most and usually less – but that once is heavy. And the hangover is one day lost.


Do Something


Nevertheless, struggle or not it’s important to do something today. It’s important to write and get my thoughts down on paper (or on screen in this case). I cannot afford to get into the habit of getting up in the morning and simply allowing the day to slowly drift away.


I have to make sure that I accomplish something every day. It may just be something small like a short blog post. It may just be some thoughts written down. Just as long as it’s something.


Surely then, from that commitment to work, more work will come. Other ideas will flow which will be more interesting or actionable. The key thing is to start and be in that space where things can happen.


If I merely allow the day to drift, nothing will ever be completed, nothing will get done and I will surely feel worse and worse for not even having the discipline to start!


So! No matter how rubbish the writing is and no matter who uninteresting the subject matter, I must commit to getting something done. And I do.


The Authority


One of the difficulties about blogging, or writing in general, is trying to think of yourself as an authority. I believe if you try to think of yourself as a know-it-all on your subject then you can quickly run into trouble. Trying to sound like you  know everything when you don’t can be really off putting to the reader (I find).


What I can be is an authority on myself. My mind, my experience, my attitudes, doubts, fears etc. Therefore when I write about a subject I write about my experience of that subject. Fitness and health, for example, I feel very qualified to talk about and dispense advice on – but everybody’s experience will still be different.


I think it is much more interesting to talk about one’s own individual perspective and experience. I reckon it’s more interesting for the reader to hear about a real live approach. I know I find the experiences of others regarding a topic much more interesting that just hearing an ‘expert’ banging on.


Missing Something Obvious


It feels like I am missing something obvious. Something right in front of my face. Something I should be doing, or creating or building…but I’ve no idea what it is.


Perhaps it’s just the discomfort of someone who is in a new situation. Having a regular job structures your life for so long that you don’t really know how to act without one. I think that is the key question that has to be answered.


In order to survive and thrive in this new World where we can choose ourselves as the business, we need to master the art of using our time well to create something of value. Then know how to sell that something of value that we’ve created.


We know the options:

  • Start a blog
  • Write a book/screenplay/song etc
  • Make some music and upload it on YouTube
  • Start an e-store
  • Become an affiliate.


There are so many options and possibilities for making a living online, but it still means you have to choose one, do the work, finish the work and get something out there for the World to judge.
Otherwise, might as well stay in the job.

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