Honest Personal Development (from a slightly Scottish perspective)


Hey I'm Andy, welcome to my (honest and quite Scottish) personal development site.

This is a place for me to share my own personal growth journey in the hope that my experiences may inspire, help or benefit you.

Personal growth in some form has always been my passion. Initially it was health and fitness, then becoming an entrepreneur, dabbling in spirituality, learning about money, success, goals etc....you probably know the score.

I believe we all have something to share from our journeys. We all have some things we excel at, others that we struggle with. Nobody knows it all. I believe I can offer genuine help and insight on some topics....and I accept  I am woefully inept in other topics.

Development in health, spirituality, business, mindset, money and relationships continues to be my passion. Therefore I think it's only right that I share what I learn.

If my journey and experience is helpful to others, then I've done my job.


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